Activities and Entertainment

Fun under the sun guaranteed!

Feel at home during your stay at Costa Caribe. Practice your favorite sport, either on the water or on the mainland: the entertainment is guaranteed.

Water activities

A variety of water activities wait for you in the warm waters of Coral Costa Caribe. Have fun in the sun, feel the excitement and adrenaline of practicing your favorite water sport or your favorite leisure and resting activity.

Night activities

After dinner at your favorite restaurant you can enjoy the evening show, specially prepared for our guests. Colorful clothing and humor complement this special issue.

Once finished, do not forget to visit the Bachata Discotheque, where you will have access to the sports bar, varied music, games and fun for adults. Dance all night to the rhythm of Latin music.

• Open from 11:00 P.M. to 3:00 A.M.
• Sale of night pass available on reservations

Excursions outside the hotel

Coral Costa Caribe is located in a privileged location, allowing access to the best excursions in the area.


Exercise with the Chocolate Friends, who bring an entertaining agenda of daily activities for your enjoyment.

Start the day with aerobics, sports tournaments, competitions and finish it off with the colorful night show. We promise infinite fun.

The Maravillas Cave (Cave of Wonders)

The cave is about 25 meters deep, with an area of about 800 meters that can cover 240 meters during the tours that take place inside. Inside the cave you can see around 500 engravings and paintings on the walls of predominantly red and black that are attributed to the Tainos, the ancient inhabitants of the island, until the arrival of the Spanish. Calcium deposits have also allowed the formation of stalactites and stalagmites over time that complete the wonderful appearance attributed to the cave.

Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo

The Colonial City (commonly called the Colonial Zone) is the name given to the oldest part of the city Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic and which was the first city founded by Europeans in America. The name is due to the fact that this part of the city was founded by the Spanish colonizers.

This area of ​​Santo Domingo has colonial buildings and streets with old cobblestones of great tourist attraction, such as the Alcázar de Colón (which belonged to Diego Colón, son of Christopher Columbus), the Museum of the Royal Houses or the First Cathedral of America. Due to that there are national hotels (like the Hotel Conde de Peñalba) and international ones (like the sofitel Nicolás de Ovando in the house of Nicolás de Ovando). Most of the hotels are on El Conde Street and Las Damas Street.

The 3 Eyes Park (Los 3 Ojos Park)

Los Tres Ojos National Park is a cavern that has a freshwater lake, divided naturally into three lakes that can only be seen from inside and a single lake that can be seen without having to be inside. located in Santo Domingo East municipality in the Dominican Republic.