InSense Spa

We have the best relaxation and renewal option for our guests and visitors to the beach Juan Dolio.

InSense Spa is the only space that offers treatments and relaxation therapies, where water takes center stage as an essential element.

Servicios de Insense Spa


Hot Stone Therapies

The latest in health and beauty are the treatments with cold and hot stones used on the skin.

Stone therapy is recommended for stressed, nervous people, with anxiety or insomnia disorders and problems of back pain, muscle pain, poor circulation, arthritis.

Dream couple

Make your dream perfect, this treatment has been specially designed for couples who want to live the same experience, in the same cabin they receive a seaweed facial, hot stone massage with aromatherapy and moisturizing treatment for hands and feet.

Complete this sensation by toasting with champagne and Szeged cocktail, the best energizing drink.

Facial Vita Cure

5 essential phases for your health, are applied in this sumptuous treatment of Repêchage, leaving your skin soft and vibrant, ideal for firming mature skin or damaged by the sun.

See the difference … and the others too. Recommended by plastic surgeons.